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Henry Jenson opened his law office in Detroit Lakes in 1908.  Henry Jenson was very active in the community
of Detroit Lakes holding positions both as County Attorney and Mayor over the years. In 1949 Robert W.
Irvine moved to Detroit Lakes and joined the firm. Robert Irvine became a partner with Henry Jenson in 1951
forming the Jenson-Irvine Law Firm. James O. Ramstad joined the firm and became the third partner in 1954
changing the firm to Jenson, Irvine & Ramstad Law Firm. In 1958 Irvine, Ramstad, attorneys at law, moved
from their original offices over to the old Coast-to-Coast building to our present location at 114 Holmes Street
West.   In 1962 Mr. Jenson passed away.
In 1965 John Quam joined the firm and the name was once again changed making it Irvine, Ramstad & Quam.
The firm became widely known for its expertise in the fields of civil litigation, criminal law, business law, wills
and probate. John Quam has since retired from law practice but while in practice, he and Bob Irvine helped
found the first District Public Defender's office in the Seventh Judicial District in the 1960's and they served
as highly regarded Chief District Public Defenders for many years.
Bill Briggs joined the firm in 1970 after graduating from the University of Minnesota Law School and the firm
became Irvine, Ramstad, Quam & Briggs. It was also in 1970 that the law offices expanded and opened a
branch law office in Perham. Bob Irvine's son Peter joined the firm in 1976 along with his wife Patricia Irvine.
Peter became a partner and the firm once again changed its name becoming Irvine, Ramstad, Quam, Briggs &
Irvine. Peter Irvine served the state as a Minnesota District Court Judge for the Seventh Judicial District with
his chambers in Detroit Lakes. He has since retired from that position.
In 1985 Charles Ramstad joined the firm upon graduation from the University of Minnesota Law School. He
serves as city attorney for Detroit Lakes, Lake Park, Callaway and Sebeka. Charlie is certified by the
Minnesota State Bar Association as a Real Property Law Specialist. His main areas of practice are real estate,
business associations, family law, criminal prosecution, estate planning, and elder law.                 
Karen Skoyles joined our firm in 1987 also from the University of Minnesota Law School and after she served
as Law Clerk for District Court Judge Timothy Baland. Karen has taken on prosecution responsibilities for the
cities of Audubon, Callaway, Frazee, Detroit Lakes, Lake Park, Sebeka and Menahga.  She is currently the
attorney for the Pelican River Watershed District.
Bob Irvine, Jim Ramstad and Bill Briggs retired from law practice. Bob passed away in 2005 and since that
time we adopted the name Briggs, Ramstad & Skoyles, Professional Association. Jim Ramstad retired in 2006
and Bill Briggs retired in 2014, but both continued to be a valuable resource for the firm.
In the fall of 2016, Briggs, Ramstad & Skoyles merged with Tom Winters, creating Ramstad, Skoyles &
Winters, P.A. Tom serves as city attorney for Frazee and Menahga. He was an active member of the Detroit
Lakes Fire Department. He is currently a member of Noon Rotary and the Detroit Lakes Jaycees. He
concentrates his practice in the areas of estate planning, probate, business organizations, family law, and
municipal law.     
Patrick Bakken joined the firm in 2019 following his graduation from the University of North Dakota Law
School. He was a law clerk for the same firm during the summer months of law school. His main areas of
practice are real estate, business associations, family law, criminal prosecution, estate planning, and elder law.
Patrick also serves as the Assistant City Prosecutor for Detroit Lakes, Frazee, Lake Park, Callaway, Audubon,
Menahga and Sebeka.
Since the mid-1960's, we have occupied our prime location in Detroit Lakes just across the street from the
north side of the Becker County Court House.
While we have had opportunities to expand the size of our firm, we have made a conscious decision to
maintain a size at which we can be a close knit family of attorneys and support staff who very much enjoy
working with each other and serving our clients and area communities.
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